Christ’s Lamentation For Judah And Jerusalem

(Matt. 23:37-39)   Here, Jesus lamented the obstinacy of these Jewish religious leaders. asking: AHow often would I have gathered thy children together as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, and ye would not@ (Matt. 23:37).  In the same vein,  Jesus wants to bring all that will, today, under His saving, protecting, providing, Read more about Christ’s Lamentation For Judah And Jerusalem[…]

Christ’s Prediction As To Their Fulfilling The Lots Of Their Fathers

(Matt. 23:34-36)   Christ, seeing clearly that these religious leaders , in spite of their pretences, still had the spirit of  their fathers, asserted  that they were the same with them, and would naturally do as they did (Matt. 23:29-33; Jn. 8:37-44). Thus, He prophesied that similar prophets and righteous men would be sent to Read more about Christ’s Prediction As To Their Fulfilling The Lots Of Their Fathers[…]


Text:                          Job 7:1-4, 6-7   The book of Job is not merely a folktale or a myth which some Hebrew sage developed, using poetical dialogue, to show the problem of suffering and pain as an integral part of the human condition which has no solution as.   It is rather a factual historical account of  Read more about THE CHRISTIAN AND SUFFERING[…]

Damnable Woes That Follow the Hypocrite

(Matt. 23:13-16, 23, 25, 27, 29)   Jesus did not point to the hypocritical ways of these Jewish religious leaders without pronouncing the attendant damnable woes.  Christ=s righteous indignation against them for dishonouring God and distorting His word by their practices, found expression in His use of the most severe words of denunciation (Matt. 23:13-16, Read more about Damnable Woes That Follow the Hypocrite[…]

Diverse Effects of Hypocrisy

(Matt. 23:13-33).   Jesus charged the Scribes and Pharisees with hypocrisy because, while  assuming the position of teachers of the people and thus holders of the keys of the kingdom, they held to and propagated error, thereby locking themselves and their hearers out (Matt. 23:13).  How like many today who tenaciously hold to and zealously Read more about Diverse Effects of Hypocrisy[…]

Leadership Of Love For Position Instead Of Loyalty To God

(Matt. 23:2,5-12)   These religious leaders were just after big and prestigious  positions and loved to be addressed accordingly, while bothering less about discharging the responsibilities occasioned by those positions. And the Master, seeing this proud, arrogant and evil disposition, warned against it (Matt. 23:6-10).   What Jesus was correcting here was essentially the unholy Read more about Leadership Of Love For Position Instead Of Loyalty To God[…]

Life Of Looking Holy In Place Of Living Godly

(Matt. 23:1-5)   The Pharisees were a Jewish religious sect who held their traditions, interpretations and applications of the Law to be as important as the Law itself, and sometimes much more (cp. Matt. 15:1-6). The above, in addition to hypocrisy, constitute, in sum, the evil of Pharisaism. Pharisaism is the principle of living the Read more about Life Of Looking Holy In Place Of Living Godly[…]


Text:                           Matt. 21: 1‑11   INTRODUCTION: Our systematic expository Bible Study today brings us to the triumphal entry of Christ into Jerusalem. This episode  reveals  two major aspects of Christ: His Lordship over all and His Kingship of all. As we review these two concepts  today, the Lord expects that we learn the relevant lessons, Read more about CHRIST: THE LORD AND KING OF ALL[…]


Text:                           Matt. 20:29‑34   INTRODUCTION: Lets now consider and learn from these two points: (1). The Humble Cry Of These Men Who Followed Jesus and (2). The Heart Cry Of A Sincere Follower Today.   (1)        The Humble Cry Of These Men Who Followed Jesus (Matt. 20:29‑33).   As Jesus was passing by the way Read more about LORD, THAT OUR EYES MAY BE OPENED[…]


Text:                           Matt. 20: 17‑28   INTRODUCTION: With this topic: THE AMBITION OF THE UN-CRUCIFIED, we will x ‑ ray the difference between the ambition expressed in our text and that of a spiritually empowered person. Specifically, the study will brought under these 3 sub‑headings: (1) Self ‑ Crucifixion Of The Spiritually Empowered (2) Selfish Ambition By Read more about THE AMBITION OF THE UN-CRUCIFIED[…]


Text:                           Mk. 3:13‑15; 16:19,20; Lk. 10:1, 17‑20; 24:49‑53; Acts 8:3,4 We shall be talking of: This Period Of Empowerment and The Purpose Of This Interlude.   (1)        This Period Of Empowerment   It is reiterated that God=s purpose of drawing us together all this while and ministering to us live by the hand of the Read more about HAVING BEEN EMPOWERED[…]


Text:                                                   Luke 19:41‑44   INTRODUCTION:   Jesus, on approaching Jerusalem (in the course of the Triumphal Entry), and seeing the ignorance of the people, wept over the city. The Jews failed to recognise their day of visitation and paid dearly for it. It was unfortunate that after waiting  for the Messiah (the prophet) for a long Read more about RECOGNIZING THE TIME OF YOUR VISITATION[…]