The General Superintendent of Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement worldwide will be taking Great Britain to greatness proper on Sunday, 08/07/2018 from 10am at Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement Aberdeen, 168 – 170 Victoria Road, Aberdeen. AB11 9NL. Come and be lifted to greatness proper (Spiritually, physically, materially, financially, intellectually, etc). Extend this invitation to Read more about #GREAT #NEWS[…]


  “Godly Woman” When sadness comes, she takes time to smile. When she is tired, she finds time to relax and rest. When she’s angry she takes time to cool down. She reads and meditates on the word of God daily. Above all these, she prays always. Prayer is her priority and her shield. Happy Read more about “#GODLY_WOMAN”[…]


Text:: 121:1-8   The key to success in a walk with God is to depend on Him (ie. developing the habit of looking up to Him for help always).   And all the people of old who got hold of this principle led healthy lives stuffed with hope expectations amidst challenges (cons. Ps. 23:4). The Read more about LOOKING UNTO THE HILLS[…]


Texts: 17:15-24, 18:1-5,8-14, 21:1-3   INTRODUCTION:   Our texts pertain to a family (in a naturally hopeless situation) unto whom God’s word came, and their circumstance was changed; they were amazed and they laughed for joy.   Our message shall be coming under 2 points: (A) The Challenge (B) The Comforting Amazement   (A) THE Read more about THAT GOD OF WONDERS (PART 5)[…]


Text: 65:17-25   INTRODUCTION:   In this period of repositioning of the Watchmen who are called to be wonders, we have been exploring the message entitled God of wonders’, so as to appreciate His capability and adapt to His programme without making any room for doubt or unbelief (cons. Heb.4:2, Jas.1:5-8).   Our text relay Read more about THAT GOD OF WONDERS (PART 4)[…]

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Understanding the Events of the last days BY Pastor Bede

  CONTACT SALES TO REQUEST FOR THE  PART 2 OF THIS MESSAGE   Who is the Pope? What is the papacy? The Roman Catholic Church, Why The Trump Presidency? What is the Mystery of iniquity? what does the fourth kingdom signify as envisaged by the prophecy of Daniel? What is the truth about the Illuminati? Read more about Understanding the Events of the last days BY Pastor Bede[…]


Text: 3:7-22   INTRODUCTION: The people of God were in affliction for quite some time and it seemed that their God wasn’t available, until the appointed time when the window of deliverance was opened (Ex.3:7).   The fiery affliction was to preceed a glorious consummation (cons. Ex.3:8, ). Moses was enjoined to accept God’s calling Read more about THAT GOD OF WONDERS (PART 3)[…]