Text: 11:32; Mk. 11:12-14, 20-24; Hb. 11:1-6   Today, we are yet taking another message outside our series entitled God of wonders designed by the Almighty God to make Watchmen harvest from the already ripe orchard of divine blessings. We will begin by defining and explaining the topic, and looking into the mechanism operation of Read more about FAITH FOR GREAT THINGS[…]


TEXT: 21:4-9   INTRODUCTION: In the first part of this message we defined the God of wonders as that God that does things which when beheld yield a state of astonished admiration, or causes great surprise or marvel.   We considered the events at creation when everything was in chaos and how God manifested His Read more about THAT GOD OF WONDERS (PART 2)[…]


  Search for the the truth and stand on the truth. The choice of friends you make today will either make or mar your future. Don’t let any evil influence overshadow you, lest you lose out from God’s programme for your life.. “Be not deceived, evil communication corrupts good manners”. Ist Corinthians 15:33


  TEXT: 1:1-28, 31 INTRODUCTION: As we emerge from our series on ‘That God of Elijah’ we shall be exploring the Lord’s capabilities and making our applications from another perspective.   We shall (A) DEFINE OUR TOPIC, (B) SEE THE DETAILS (C) MAKE OUR DEDUCTION/APPLICATION:   (A) DEFINITION The word ‘wonder’ was defined by the Read more about THAT GOD OF WONDERS (PART 1)[…]

Increase In Gospel Mission Activities, Travels and Knowledge

Increase In Gospel Mission Activities (Matt. 24:14)   Even though the mystery of iniquity is gravely at work and iniquity is everyday abounding (2Thess. 2:7; Matt. 24:12), these last days is witnessing increasing Gospel mission activities than ever before. In Nigeria, for instance, there was no real gospel activity prior to 1970. But since then, Read more about Increase In Gospel Mission Activities, Travels and Knowledge[…]


Subtitle: The Exterminator Of The Evil Text: 1:1-15 INTRODUCTION This continuation of the last week’s message was borne by the need to sustain the prayer attitude that the Lord is getting us into.   In that message (Part 11a), we generally saw the God of Elijah as One that exterminates ie wipes out, destroys or Read more about THAT GOD OF ELIJAH (PART 11b)[…]

The State Of The Temple Of Jerusalem

(Matt. 24:1-4)   Lets recall that the whole discourse on the signs of Christ’s second coming and of the end of the world stemmed from the disciples remark on the glory and magnificence of the temple buildings (Matt. 24:1). And when Jesus retorted  that time was coming when no one stone of it would be Read more about The State Of The Temple Of Jerusalem[…]


Subtitle: The Exterminator Of The Evil Text: 1:1-15 INTRODUCTION We have so far seen the God of Elijah as The Barrier Breaker, The Restorer of Life, The Great Provider, The Great Deliverer, The God Without Limitation, The Healer of Israel, The Prayer Answering God of Revelation, He is the God Without an Equal and drawn Read more about THAT GOD OF ELIJAH (PART 11a)[…]


Text: Isaiah 46:9-11   The Lord through His servant (the angel of the Church) has declared that the watchmen are called to be WONDERS in the positive (Rom.3:4).   Today, as a matter of emphasis, we are looking at things that must be and why they must be, so as to encourage ourselves in our Read more about THINGS THAT MUST BE[…]

The Sign of Persecutions, Abounding Iniquity and Its Effect

The Sign of Persecutions (Matt. 24:9-10).   This began almost immediately Christ left, and has continued through the history.  The apparent lack of persecution in some Christian quarters today is a function of  compromise, conformity, coldness and abandonment of the great commission (Matt. 28:19).  Go to those true believers who take the commanded stand against Read more about The Sign of Persecutions, Abounding Iniquity and Its Effect[…]