Search for the the truth and stand on the truth. The choice of friends you make today will either make or mar your future. Don’t let any evil influence overshadow you, lest you lose out from God’s programme for your life.. “Be not deceived, evil communication corrupts good manners”. Ist Corinthians 15:33

Jesus is the greatest intellectual…

Jesus is the greatest intellectual (Heb.1:9). By heavenly wisdom, He solved the puzzles in the lives of men, discussed with the intellectuals of this world and answered the crafty (Lk.2:46-47; Matt.17:10-13; 22:15-22; Mk.1:21-22). With parables, incidents and other things they were conversant with, he drove home his messages and doctrines to the learned and illiterate, Read more about Jesus is the greatest intellectual…[…]

This Jesus, a man with virtues…

This Jesus, a man with virtues that endeared Him to God and man and brought spirits and circumstance to bow at His feet with testimonies of His works bearing witness to who He is (Jn.8:29; 12:19; Matt.8:27; Mk.1:27).In His relationship with God, though God Himself, He submitted, in His humility, to be begotten and made Read more about This Jesus, a man with virtues…[…]

This Jesus! Who Is He?

Any youth who walks into the waiting hands of Jesus has one thing or the other to say about Him experientially (Read More On Have You Crossed the Rubicon Today?). God is indescribable and so His son is actually indescribable (Is.46:5; 40:18,25,28; 55:8-9; cons. 1Kgs.19:9-13; Rom.11:33). In a nutshell, note that – He is the Alpha and Read more about This Jesus! Who Is He?[…]

This Jesus! More About HIM

Man, generally, have had cause to choose who to admire and look up to. This is a prevailent characteristic of youths. They have role models they aspire to be like and for the ambitious ones they do all they can to tread in the shoes of such and break records to excel beyond them (their Read more about This Jesus! More About HIM[…]

What Is Obtainable Across The Rubicon?

Many times a good knowledge of what happens after a very serious step of action is taken goes a long way to propel one to act. We have understood what a rubicon is and have seen what it is like dwelling on that side of the rubicon and also seen the need to cross over. Read more about What Is Obtainable Across The Rubicon?[…]

This Side Of The Rubicon:

Believers and unbelievers (saved and unsaved) have diverse Rubicons before them and these having not been crossed over, keep them still roaming about at the same point thereby remaining unsaved, those claiming to have become children of God hardly possess any Christian virtue, the truly saved amongst them are far from an appreciable awareness of the Read more about This Side Of The Rubicon:[…]

What The Rubicon Is To Us

The Rubicon is the boundary between darkness and light, bondage and freedom, sin and righteousness, ignorance and knowledge, levity and gravity, fear/unbelief and faith, ‘it doesn’t matter’/compromise and commitment/consecration. It is that strong and seemingly formidable wall between death, sorrow, eternal gnashing of teeth and life, peace, everlasting joy. It is that strong line demarcating life influenced by Read more about What The Rubicon Is To Us[…]

Will You Cross The Rubicon Today?

Before us this day, is a question that must be answered but not in a haste or without serious and in-depth consideration. This is because many people in time past have had to answer similar questions but before long went contrary to the answers they offered or gave. This is the reason the Lord is Read more about Will You Cross The Rubicon Today?[…]

Many youths are called Christians because of their testimonies…

Many youths are called Christians because of their testimonies after attending youth programmes and special meetings. They even have wonderful visitations in many other areas, but the question thereafter is “can you be called a Christian” considering the experience of the CHRISTIANS in Antioch? What is your attitude to regular meditation on and study of Read more about Many youths are called Christians because of their testimonies…[…]

Today, the name Christian as it relates to the believer is taken/given once one is born again

Today, the name Christian as it relates to the believer is taken/given once one is born again and experienced what have been outlined in our previous post. For some there may not even be such experiences but involvement in Church activities, long time membership, as a matter of being born in the church, etc, they are called Read more about Today, the name Christian as it relates to the believer is taken/given once one is born again[…]

And They Were Called Christians

Acts 11:22-26 Citizens of a nation are called by the names of their nation. Nigerians are citizens of Nigeria, Americans of America, British of Britain, Togolese of Togo, etc. The people of a particular country can be identified with certain characteristics prevalent in them such as colour, culture, language, occupation, etc,. Also, within families (immediate Read more about And They Were Called Christians[…]