Search for the the truth and stand on the truth. The choice of friends you make today will either make or mar your future. Don’t let any evil influence overshadow you, lest you lose out from God’s programme for your life.. “Be not deceived, evil communication corrupts good manners”. Ist Corinthians 15:33

Putting The Difference Between The Holy And Unholy

  It is obvious that the saved youth who has encountered the Lord in the way described above must appreciate the experience and jealously guard it from whatsoever can contaminate it (cons. Matt.13:24-28).  Putting a difference begins as one identifies whatsoever that defiles and contradicts holy living and flee it even if it be something Read more about Putting The Difference Between The Holy And Unholy[…]

Sanctification Of The Saved Youth

  Once the call to come over to the Lord’s side through repentance and faith in Christ death is obeyed, the unsaved youth’s sins are forgiven and his spirit cleansed and from that moment he strikes a Father-son relationship with God and the holy nature of God is deposited in him. The next thing in Read more about Sanctification Of The Saved Youth[…]

Putting A Difference Between The Holy And Unholy

Looking at our topic “Putting The Difference Between the holy and unholy”, there is one fact that every youth must recognize, understand and believe. It is the truth and fact that God is holy and originally made man as a holy being though man later strayed away.  It must be understood also that since then whatever God Read more about Putting A Difference Between The Holy And Unholy[…]